Additional aims and objectives of the Council include:

Asserting the professional responsibility of all Montessori educators to guide all children and students in their care in the development of their full, individual and creative potential so that they may become responsible and independent citizens.

Co-operating with parents, communities and other organisations in the quest for authenticity, values and ethics in Montessori education

Promoting effective interaction, involvement and representation on a local, regional, provincial, national and international level

Obtaining, investigating, researching and disseminating relevant information to our members

Promoting the on-going professional development of members so as to improve and expand authentic Montessori practice

Improving professional practice and working conditions in all aspects of the Montessori profession

Supporting all members to act accordance with the Council’s Code of Professional Ethics and ensuring full compliance with the Code.

Taking responsible action, in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedures, in order to protect the professional integrity of all Council members.

Developing a system in which all Montessori professionals are supported as being professionals, with compensation that attracts and retains high quality Montessori educators.

Encouraging families within schools to be seen, heard and respected as reciprocal partners in the education process.

Advocating policies of non-discrimination by members on every level and fostering relationships that emphasise diversity, inclusivity and positive relationships.

Actively seeking opportunities to educate the public further on authentic Montessori practice through the use of media and technology at our disposal.

Providing leadership and inspiration to members so as to make authentic Montessori practice a significant voice in the broader education community.

Speaking out with a united and clear voice in order to champion the cause of all children in the Southern African region.

Strengthening accountability to, and respect for, the legacy of Dr Maria Montessori within the context of the latest research in education.