The Council shall have membership criteria and is an organisation exclusive to all stakeholders in the Montessori Profession who fulfil the following criteria:

For Educators – educators and trainers, employed by member schools and/or training organisations, shall hold valid Montessori qualifications applicable to the level at which they teach. Conditional or Provisional or Full Registration with SACE (within South Africa) is required if applicable. Equivalent registration in other Southern African countries is applicable.


A Professional organisation that is representative of all role players within the Montessori Profession where the focus is on authentic practice and maintaining standards in Montessori education in Southern Africa.

A bi-annual publication (Journal) which will include profession development articles, updates on legislation and similar.

A listing on our database of registered professional members.

Discounted attendance at SAMA Annual Conferences


R400 per annum - includes annual SACE registration
R200 per annum


All membership fees are payable in advance for the year.

Fees are payable on receipt of acceptance of membership notification. No payments should be made prior to receiving this notification.

No pro-rata payments are applicable.

Should you wish to apply for membership to the Montessori Professions Council of Southern Africa, please email us at * for application forms.You will be required to submit the application form as well as all relevant documentation required by SACE for SACE registration. Students must supply proof of registration with their accredited training organisation.

All applications are presented to the Council for approval once all documentation is in place.